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Apartments to rent in Copenhagen – tips

When going to visit new places, it is recommended you spend at least a week getting the feel of how life is there. That kind of stay can significantly affect your budget for the holiday if you spend it in a hotel.

What I discovered on my last trip with the family (that includes two little ones) is that renting out an apartment can be a great advantage. We were looking for a rather relaxed location, where we can take long walks in beautiful surroundings – so we went for Copenhagen! 

If you never been there, I recommend you try it at least once! Boat trips that allow you to see the beautiful city architecture, relaxed bicycle rides around, enjoy a meal at one of the famous restaurants mixed with a bit of culture and history at the few palaces and castles. 

When renting out an apartment in lovely Copenhagen here are some tips that made the decision easier:

Consider the location:
- Depending on the purpose of your visit - if it is business try to avoid the loud and sometimes crowded places for tourists and find an place as close to the office as you can to avoid traffic.
- If you go there with your family like I have, you still want to avoid loud places but not go very far from the city center as you do not want to travel around with kids too much.

Your budget for the stay:
- With a wide variety to choose from, you can go for a 4 room luxury apartment or a simple one room studio.

- You want to be sure you find the place as described on the internet and as well be safe during your stay.

All Copenhagen apartments insures all accommodation facilities and registered locators are verified, you can look up other people’s reviews and choose from a wide variety of options. It did help us save time – researching and checking as well as money – choosing the perfect location for our holiday.

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